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Get to sleep, stay asleep and wake up refreshed with Sleep Powder. Sleep Powder is a brand-new formula that combines proven ingredients, in calculated amounts, to ensure you have a calm & restful sleep.

Do you struggle with getting to sleep at night? Are you stressed from work or life? Do you find yourself awake and alert when you should be going to sleep? Do you worry excessively before bed? Do you have repeating thoughts that keep you up at night?

If you do, Sleep Powder is for YOU. Sleep Powder is a safe and natural nighttime sleep aid for people who want to enjoy a deep and restful night of sleep.

So what's in it?

Each ingredient in Sleep Powder was carefully chosen to produce a specific result. Only ingredients that were proven to work were used in the formula and in amounts that will produce effective results.


Reduces anxiety and stress. Helps fight depression and has well known calming effects.


Helps reduce stress and improves feelings of wellbeing. Promotes feelings of relaxation.


Valerian root has sedative properties used to relieve insomnia and muscle tension. Helps combat restlessness.


Improves sleep and relieves anxiety. Helps boost mood and relaxation.


Improves sleep and assists in inducing calmness. Can provide relief from mild tension.


Natural sleep aid that helps regulate sleep cycles, fights insomnia. and relaxes the body.


Improves mood and sense of well-being. Also helps with inducing deeper sleep.

We are so confident that you will enjoy Sleep Powder that we offer a 45 day full-refund money-back satisfaction guarantee. Simply send us an email if you are not satisfied with your purchase and we will refund your order.

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