Energy Powder – Matcha Green Tea



When you need that extra kick… Enjoy an enhanced, balanced and better energy boost with adaptogen power, L-theanine and 90mg of plant-based caffeine.


Directions – Mix 1 scoop of powder in 1 cup of cold or hot water and enjoy.
We keep it simple so you can be happy!

(Try with milk or milk alternatives for a boosted matcha latte or add to your favorite smoothie.)

Life can be demanding, get on top of it with our Energy Powder.

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4oz jar
20 Servings per container
Net wt. 1.1oz (30.3 g)
Dietary Supplement

Gluten Free
No Preservatives
Zero Sugar

A quick overview that applies to all of our products:
Everybody’s body is unique and may respond differently to supplements depending on many factors, such as: mental state, physiology and overall health.
The great part about our products is that you can adjust each serving to fit your personal needs.
  • Directions: Mix 1 scoop (scoop is included in each jar) with 1cup (8oz.) cold or hot water, stir and enjoy.
  • All of our powder products taste great as a hot beverage, at room temperature, served cold or over ice.
  • For quick mixing try mixing in a blender bottle or shaker.


Energy Powder
  • If Energy Powder is too sweet you can dilute it with extra water per serving. We recommend adding an extra 4oz of water per serving to start (1 scoop added to a total of 12oz. of water), adjust as needed to find your perfect ratio.
  • Some Energy Powder will settle at the bottom of your cup; this is because of the organic matcha powder in our formula. There will be approximately 15% of total matcha that will settle on the bottom.
  • If you want to do an energy shot, you can mix 1 scoop Energy Powder with 4oz of water for a concentrated boost.
  • You can also add Energy Powder to your favorite shakes and smoothies for a matcha infused natural plant-based energy boost!
  • If you are caffeine sensitive, you might want to start off with a ½ scoop and adjust dosage as needed to find your desired energy enhancement amount.
  • If you have a high caffeine tolerance you might want to add up to 1 extra full scoop to reach your desired level of energy.


We hope these suggestions help you enjoy your new powder product to its fullest.
If you have any additional questions, comments or concerns please feel free to contact our customer care support and we will respond in a timely manner.
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