Your Simple Solution

Bohemian Revolution products are all about keeping life simple. With all the daily distractions and constant demands in our lives things can get overwhelming fast – that’s why we make healthy, effective, and fast-acting products that get straight to the point. We’re here to guide you on your daily journey, wherever that may be, and if we’ve done our job correctly, we’ll have made your life less stressful, more restful, more energetic (when needed), and more enjoyable.

Making Life Easier For You

     Hi, I’m Brandon Johnson. I help people shine their brightest. At my core I strive for joy and happiness, and if I can share that with someone then it’s been a successful day. I believe that we are all in this life journey together and I’m here to make yours easier.

In my early years I struggled with health issues such as chronic eczema, ADD, asthma, anaphylactic allergies, and, of course, the umbrella term “stress.” Outside of health struggles, I had plenty of other challenges like chasing a music career while working jobs that were unfulfilling, balancing daily life, finding time for friends, trying my hand at the dating world, and caring for my sick family members. Life got overwhelming pretty fast and the stress of it all outweighed the good times, but it was during those moments that I learned how to take a natural approach to my health and nourish my body, especially during the times when life demanded the most of me.

Through sharing my challenges with different groups of people in my life I discovered that, no matter how unique the details of our struggles were, we all have had similar challenges that revolve around keeping up with our daily tasks. Through this revelation came the creation of the first three Bohemian Revolution powder formulas: De-Stress, Sleep, and Energy. It was a blessing to see these formulas work wonders in the lives of those closest to me and now I get to share them with you!

I believe people shine their brightest when their needs are being met and they are genuinely happy. That’s why my formulas are carefully crafted to help you enjoy life and each moment it brings.

Enjoy the ride,

~Brandon Johnson

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